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I have now been here for about two weeks, which I guess is believable. I am still awaiting my lost bag zhich contains the majority of my belongings; namely clothes. I am quite content with how well i am adapting to life with 5 tshirts pairs of boxers; 1 long sleeve shirt and 2 light jackets. Its especially been a challenge because this region of france thought it would be funny to skip the gently transition of summer to fall; and just jump right into early winter. this past week has been overcast with chilly wind and generally cold weather. normally this wouldnt be very difficult but i have legitimately been wearing the same long sleeve t-shirt for 5 consecutive days,, shhhhh. I have managed to work my way around the freezing shower obstacle because if you press the water button you can get something that is reasonably warm.
Im enjoying my classes with armelle, my beautiful and enthusiastic (always helpful) french teacher. After yesterdays review of the subjonctive verb tense i wanted nothing more than to walk out of the room and collapse onto the grass and rest my brain. my life isnt french 24/7 but its still very exhausting. especially when most of my class mates and i only speak distored versions of french; thus making it that much harder to converse. japanse french is different than american french which is different than chinese french which is different than jordanian french. Lets just say that the movie l'auberge espagnole has become the most accurate reflection of my life right now.
This afternoon I have some pretty sweet options for entertainment. Down town (centre-ville) there is a huge weekend long concert with as ive been told, famous french musicians. and just on the outskirts of dijon in a stadium there will be a massive screen showing the first rugby match of this years world cup, france vs argentina. A friend of mine who is going insists on rooting for argentia because it will make things more interesting. intersting and possibly bloody in my opinion. I hope I get a little more warm weather before winter sets in; and i think its time i buy some warmer clothes, just in case my suitcase never arrives. i also have the wonderful task of starting a bank account here so that i can get a copy of my financial records so that i can give it to some french person so that they can give it to another french person with a bunch of other documents i have to photocopy, so that they can give me a carte de sejour which in turn will prevent me from being deported in case i get stopped by the police. the way i see it however; is that as long as the french police never have a chat with me; could hypothetically skip this wholllle process: hmmm; interesting. perhaps i should climb any historically significant churches or join a parcours building climbing group; its just so damn tempting though!
please write me and let me know how youre doing. Lots of love:

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Dijon, France

i made diana stare at a building for a photo
my beautiful italian friends rosa; luisa and tommaso
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